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Chris & Karen's Surprise Engagement at Pangas Beach Club

It's magical how a silhouette sunset shot can bring out emotions in a photograph just from the orange glow of the sun radiating against the dark outline of a smile. I loved this surprise engagement photo shoot with Chris and Karen, whose happiness just lit up these photos. You can see how time has stopped for them as they're lost in each other's eyes; it's true love.

Chris wanted the special moment to be photographed in secret, so we set up for the surprise proposal along the beach on the way to Pangas Beach Club in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. I was in stealth mode with my camera, as Chris got down on one knee and held a dazzling ring up to the woman of his dreams and she fell into his arms with a resounding "yes."

Many thanks to Maricela Gutierrez and all of the good people at Pangas Beach Club who helped pull this surprise engagement off! Congratulations Chris & Karen!